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201 Positive Psychology Applications – Turkish edition

Focusing on the five elements of well-being as defined by one of positive psychology’s founders, Martin Seligman, this book presents simple ways to foster positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishment. It links the “what” of positive psychology to the “how” to apply these strategies to your and others’ life.

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Positive psychology is still a young science, but has its roots in a very long history of questions about how to live well.

The Greek philosophers were already concerned with the questions of what constitutes happiness and how to achieve well-being.

Positive psychology is about how to get the best out of others and ourselves and how to function optimally.
It focuses on strengthening capabilities to lead a pleasant, good and meaningful life, with positive relationships and accomplishment.
This scientific movement offers new opportunities in (mental) health, education, organizations, journalism, technology, sports and society.
Until recently, the focus was mainly on what is wrong with individuals and groups. Nowadays we see a better balance between the focus on what is wrong, our weaknesses and limitations and what is right, our strengths and opportunities: from wrong to strong.
Fredrike Bannink is a pioneer in recognizing, applying and describing the many possibilities of positive psychology.
Based on the five relevant areas of Seligman’s PERMA, the reader will find in these chapters clear introductions, a wealth of research and 201 applications.
The book is a beautiful invitation to deploy these applications when working with both individuals and groups. It’s also instructive and fun to do them yourself.