Contributions to:
101 Coaching Sypervision Techniques, Approaches, Enquiries and Experiments
M. Lucas (Ed.), 2020, Routlegde


Positive cognitive behavior therapy in the treatment of depression
Behaviour Research and Therapy 2019, 116, p. 119-130.
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Solution-Focused Family Dispute Resolution
Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal, 28, 1, p. 4-11
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Positive CBT in Practice
In: Positive Psychology Interventions in Practice
Proctor, C. (2017) Cham: Springer
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Interview Fredrike Bannink, msc.

Practicing Positive Psychiatry & Positive CBT

Positive Behavioral Cognitive Therapy

What is Solution-Focused Leadership?

What is the difference in Solution-Focused Leadership?

What awaits you toward a solution-focused organization?

Building Success

Post Traumatic Success

Fredrike Bannink on Solution-Focused Brief Therapy and Positive Psychology


The Solution-Focused Taxi
Counseling Today, May 2014
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Venting Anger Feeds the Flame
Mediate.com, January 2014
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The Solution-Focused ‘Language Game’ in Mediation
Mediate.com, September 2013
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Are you ready for Positive CBT?
The Journal of Happiness and Well-Being, 1, 2, 2013
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Positive CBT: From Reducing Distress to Building Success
Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy, 43, 2, DOI 10.1007/s10879-013-9239-7
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Positive Supervision and Intervision
Mediate.com, December 2013
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Practicing Positive CBT

“In reading Practicing Positive CBT there is a sense of being in the presence of a gifted, engaging, enthusiastic and inspiring therapist.


Solution-Focused Coaching of Staff of People With Severe and Moderate Intellectual Disabilities: A Case Series
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Mediation and Game Theory

Oplossingsgericht Leidinggeven (2010)

Dutch publication on Solution Focused Leadership.

Handbook of Solution Focused Conflict Management (2010)

Nearly everyone thinks of conflict resolution as focused on solutions, but exactly how this is to be done has remained something of a mystery – until now. Fredrike Bannink offers dozens of ideas, strategies and techniques that can be used by conflict resolution practitioners to improve their effectiveness. A very useful book.
Kenneth Cloke, mediator and author of Conflict Revolution: Mediating Evil, War, Injustice and Terrorism, president of Mediators Beyond Borders, USA

1001 Solution Focused Questions. Handbook for Solution Focused Interviewing (2010)

1001 Solution Focused Questions gives both practical and thought-provoking ideas for all practitioners, not just solution-focused ones. Bannink is thorough, knowledgeable and accessible in her writing.
Bill O’Hanlon, USA

ARTIKEL Solution Focused Conflict Management in Teams and in Organisations

I think this is an excellent paper combining a good academic grounding with a nice practical example.
Editor InterAction, The Journal of Solution Focus in Organisations

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ARTIKEL Solution Focused Mediation Jury Expert (2008)

As a former mediator, I was delighted to review Dr. Bannink’s article on solution focused mediation. I had heard of this technique before, but had little knowledge about how it is practiced.  Dr. Bannink’s article begins with an outline of the solution focused mediation style and then utilizes a case example to demonstrate the technique in action. I found this design to be an excellent teaching aid which clarified what can be complex concepts.

ARTIKEL Posttraumatic success (2008)

Let me say as someone who has been practicing and teaching Solution Focused Brief Therapy for almost two decades, I found your paper very helpful (and even inspirational) to the work I do. We are planning a Posttraumatic Growth treatment group for our PTSD soldiers.
Dr. Ronald Warner, Canada

Being happy and being lucky. Solution Focused Self Help

Dutch publication: Being Happy and being Lucky. Solution Focused Self Help on happiness.

[lang_nl](Zelf)hulpboek, bedoeld voor iedereen die iets of iemand wil veranderen. Of geconfronteerd wordt met iemand die iets wil veranderen. En juist zelf niets wil veranderen.

Praxis der Losungs-fokussierten Mediation (2009)

Mit diesem Buch ist F. Bannink eine umfassende Darstellung der Anwendung lösungsfokussierter Haltung und Methoden in der Mediation gelungen: gut theoretisch fundiert und mit vielen praktischen Beispielen und Übungen.
Ich kann es jeder/m Interessierten, aber insbesondere Mediatorinnen empfehlen – sei es, um den Ansatz der lösungsfokussierten Mediation fundiert kennen zu lernen oder um sich methodisch bereichern zu lassen!
Dr. Martina Scheinecker, Unternehmensberaterin, Mediatorin, Coach. Wien

This week I finished reading your book, and much enjoyed the many chapters I had not seen before, and to be able to put the few I had seen before into a richer context. Thanks again for the joy!
Besides many other aspects I especially appreciated the many references to, and descriptions of, research findings, including a detailed an comprehensive bibliography for further researches.
And with the practical examples, after some time I realized how useful that degree of repetition in the descriptions is, where you tell several times how you start slowly, take care of the atmosphere first, make compliments for having shown up, and then ask for hopes……this way the practical picture emerges lively, and gets a certain “rhythm” that makes it easier to figure out and keep it in mind.
So now I keep your book on my bookshelf next to the one by Anita von Hertel, which was my favorite on the topic – until last week, when it became my co-favorite.
Dr. Klaus Schenk, coach and mediator, Germany

I am very impressed about the way Fredrike Bannink develops the ideas, tools and attitudes of solution focused conflict management so clearly and comprehensively.
Especially the step-by-step track of presenting good solution focused questions, describe their effects and connect them with clear examples from many different areas of life makes it easy to follow. For those already acquainted to conflict resolution I see great potential for gathering new impulses and ideas that are easy to use and implement in their interventions.
Dr. Peter Roehrig, coach & mediator, Germany

Das Buch ist für all jene hilfreich, die ein praktisches Interesse an der Lösung sozialer Konflikte haben: Es gibt konkrete Anhaltspunkte und Hilfestellungen, wie der Fokus auf positive Aspekte im Verlauf der Konflikte gelegt werden kann.
Zeitschrift fur Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie 2011, 55, 2.

Dieses Buch fügt der deutschsprachige Literatur zur Mediation einen lösungsorientierten Ansatz hinzu und sei Moderator/innen als ergänzender Praxisbeitrag empfohlen. Auch Kolleg/innen, die sich in der Mediationsweiterbildung befinden, erhalten einen erweiterten Blick über den üblichen methodische Tellerrand der Konfliktmoderation hinaus. Socialnet. Das Netz für die Sozialwirtschaft. www.socialnet.de/rezensionen/9793.php

You can find more reviews for the English version of this book (Handbook of Solution Focused Conflict Management) on this website.

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Positieve psychologie in de praktijk (2009)

Dutch publication on Positive Psychology

Handboek oplossingsgericht werken met licht verstandelijk beperkte cliënten (2007)

Dutch publication on Solution Focused Work with clients with intellectual disabilities.


SF Brief Therapy with People with Mild Intellectual Disabilities: A Case Series
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Positive Psychology and Solution Focus – looking at similarities and differences
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Interviews with Fredrike Bannink

Interview Hogrefre 2021
Talking Positivity with Fredrike Bannink

Interview Psychology Today about Positive CBT 2021
What Is Positive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Interview Gezondheidsgids Consumentenbond 2019
Oplossingsgerichte therapie

Interview GITP/PAO 2017
Oplossingsgerichte vragen aan kinderen en hun omgeving – in (g)gz en onderwijs

Teleseminar Trauma without Drama 2017
Post Traumatic Success

Interview Norton Mental Health 2016
Solution-Focused Brief Therapy and Positive Psychology

Audio Interview Shrink Rap Radio 2015
Post Traumatic Success with Fredrike Bannink

Audio Interview The West Coast Trauma Project 2015
The West Coast Trauma Project

Two teleseminars Solution-Focused Conflict Management 2013
Teleseminar ICF Conflict Management Coaching Community of Practice
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Teleseminar ACR Conflict Coaching Committee 2013
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Fredrike Bannink was a Keynote Speaker at the National Mediation Conference being held in Sydney and was invited to visit Notre Dame by School of Law Senior Lecturer Francisco Esparraga.
It was the only presentation she made to law students in Australia. Read more.
Watch the Keynote Presentation at the National Mediation Conference here.

Podcast interview for LEADR about Solution Focused Conflict Management 2012.
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For a Dutch podcast (2010) about the book Solution Focused Leadership go to www.managementboek.nl

For two interviews in 2011 about Solution Focused Couples Therapy and the book 1001 Solution Focused Questions. Handbook for Solution Focused Interviewing (2010) go to Dr. Duffy Radio
For another interview in 2012 about Solution Focused Conflict Management and the book Handbook of Solution Focused Conflict Management (2010) go to Dr. Duffy Radio

Handbook of Solution Focused Work with clients with intellectual disabilities

Dutch publication on Solution Focused Work with clients with intellectual diasabilities.

Oplossingsgerichte vragen. Handboek oplossingsgerichte gespreksvoering (2019, 4e gewijzigde editie)

Dutch publication.
English translation: 1001 Solution Focused Questions. Handbook for Solution Focused Interviewing (Norton, 2010)

Also translated into German and Korean.

Oplossingsgerichte Mediation (2006)

Dutch publication on Solution Focused Mediation.


Changing Conflict Stories

Solution-focused psychiatry
The Psychiatrist, 34, 297-300
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Successful scaling in mediation


Solution Focused Conflict Management in Teams and in Organisations
InterAction. The Journal of Solution Focus in Organisations, 1, 2, 11-25
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Solution Focused Brief Therapy with Persons with Intellectual Disabilities
J.M. Roeden, F.P. Bannink et al.
Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities,
6, 4, 253-259
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Visitors, complainants, customers
Hoofdstuk in: J. Bertschler et al. Elder Mediation, A New Solution to Age-Old Problems (2009)
Seven Hills OH: Northcoast Conflict Solutions


Building positive emotions in mediation


Posttraumatic Success
Brief Treatment and Crisis Intervention
, 7, 1-11
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Solution Focused Mediation

Visitor, complainant, customer. Motivating clients to change in mediation

Solution Focused Mediation
The Jury Expert,

Solution Focused Mediation
Conflict Resolution Quarterly, 25, 2, 163-183

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Solution Focused Brief Therapy
Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy, 37, 2, 87-94
Most frequently downloaded article 2007
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Dutch publications


Dutch publications


Hypnosis in the Low Countries
Hypnos, Swedish Journal of Hypnosis in Psychotherapy and Psychosomatic Medicine, 15, 2, 58-60