Mediation test

Complete this test and discover whether mediation will help you resolve the conflict you are facing.
Disregard what the other(s) would think or want. Consider everything only from your perspective.

Are you prepared to find a solution via mutual agreement?

Yes, because:

  • I see opportunities for finding a mutual solution
  • it is in my interests to find a rapid solution
  • I will have to deal with the other person(s) in the future
  • I want to find a tailor-made solution in which I also have a say
  • I think mediation will help resolve other conflicts that I have with the other person(s)
  • it saves substantial (legal) costs

No, because:

  • I think it is important that the Court gives a ruling regarding this matter
  • earlier mediation attempts failed and I do not want to try again
  • I have no desire to sit down at a table with the other(s)
  • I don’t think mediation will be possible, as…

I am unsure, because:

  • I don’t exacly know what mediation entails
  • I find it difficult to sit down at a table with the other(s)
  • I don’t know whether the other(s) wishes/wish to cooperate

If your respond with “yes” to one or more of the aforementioned arguments, mediation is an good option for you. If you are unsure, contact Fredrike Bannink to discuss this.