Solution-Focused Mediation







Instead of focusing on the conflict, solution-focused mediation asks: What would you prefer instead of the conflict?
The focus is on achieving the desired outcome. Participants are invited to describe their (mutual) goal and devising and implementing solutions that will bring this objective closer.
The expertise of the solution-focused mediator lies in asking solution-focused questions. The concept and methodology, as well as the attitude of the solution-focused mediator, differs from traditional types of mediation, and can also be combined with them.

With the solution-focused model, the atmosphere is often more positive. Meetings become shorter, ensuring that solution-focused mediation is cost-effective.

Fredrike Bannink is the author of the following books:

Oplossingsgerichte mediation (Amsterdam: Pearson, 2006)

Praxis der Losungs-fokussierten Mediation (Stuttgart: Concadora Verlag, 2009)

Handbook of Solution-Focused Conflict Management (Cambrigde MA: Hogrefe, 2010)

She is an international keynote speaker, presenter and trainer on SF mediation/conflict management.