Positive psychology

Positive Psychology can been seen as a scientific revolution. With its arrival the landscape of the discipline has changed forever.
Human strenghts, happiness, positive emotions, wisdom, creativity, love, forgiveness, optimism, personal growth, humor, just to name a few, were traditionally distinct research domains, far from central to psychological endeavors, if not viewed through the lens of psychopathology.
Positive Psychology is the study of what makes live worth living; it is the study of conditions and processes that lead to optimal functioning.

Her book Positieve psychologie in de praktijk [Positive Psychology in Practice) (Hogrefe, 2009) was also published in a German translation: Praxis der Positiven Psychologie (Hogrefe, 2012).
The English translation of her book 201 Positive Psychology Applications. Promoting Well-being in Individuals and Communities was published by Norton in 2017. Also a Turkish translation was published in 2017 (Usküdar University, Istanbul).

Her book Post Traumatic Success. Positive Psychology and Solution-Focused Strategies to Help Clients Survive and Thrive was published in 2014 by Norton.
The Dutch translation Posttraumatisch succes has been published in 2014 bij Pearson; in 2015 also a Chinese translation has been published.
The English translation of her book Handbook of Positive Supervision was published in 2014 (Cambridge MA: Hogrefe); the German translation was published in 2017 (Hogrefe).
Her book Practicing Positive CBT. From reducing distress to building success was published by Wiley in 2012. This book has been translated into Dutch and German (2014), and is also translated into Japanse, Farsi and Brazilian Portuguese.

She is an international trainer and keynote speaker and author of around 50 books.
Member of the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA), the European Network for Positive Psychology (ENPP) and the Dutch Positive Psychology Network (NPP).
She is a member of the editorial board of TPP (Tijdschrift Positieve Psychologie) and the editorial board of the Journal of Happiness and Well-Being.