Training courses Recommendations

      • Training Solution-Focused Conflict Management
        Great two days! Lots of new thinking and ideas, many tools for use at work.
        I got even more than I expected and I had concrete and high expectations!
        I liked your style and energy, your approach, down-to-earth and concrete.
      • Workshop Positive CBT EABCT
        My compliments on your presentation, great stuff!
        Informative and fun, thanks!
        My work as a cognitive behavioral therapist will be different when I come home!
      • Workshop Positive Supervision IPPA
        Great workshop, thanks
        Wonderful presentation, love the concept of positive supervision!
      • Training Positive CBT CPPA
        It was fun, informative and useful, this has been one of the very best workshops I have attended.
        Thank you for your expertise and wisdom. I loved your warm approach.
        I leave today feeling inspired. You are clearly very natural as a facilitator and project your great expertise and huge knowledge base with us in a very engaging way, thank you!
      • Workshop Lösungs-fokussierte Mediation
        Overall: 9,4
      • Training SF Conflict Management
        Great practical value!
        These two days have been brilliant, new ideas introduced in such a practical manner, trmendously beneficial as they’re easy to understand and implement.
        I highly enjoyed your direct teaching style, excellent, I now look forward to future mediation sessions!
      • Losungs-fokussierte Mediation:
        Fredrike hat eine sehr angenehme Art zu sprechen, hore ich sehr gerne zu! Lockerheit un Humor, grosses Kompliment!
        Sehr hilfend, Danke!
        Die Begeisterung ist wie ein Funke ubergespungen!
      • National Mediation Conference Australia
        Convenor McLeay: ‘Your dynamic and skilful presentations enthused the audience, and your sharing of knowledge and experience was very generous’
      • Training SF Conflict Management
        Thank you so much for your work on Solution Focused Conflict Management.
        Very inspiring.
        Now conflicts are not so scary anymore.